Bridge Over River


Do you feel like you run on autopilot, that you’re just going through the motions every day? Are you tired and overwhelmed? Do you wish you could live more purposefully, have less anxiety, and more time for what really matters to you? I want to help you live with less stress and more joy that is why I developed my program.


Over 10 weeks we will walk together, through the steps on the path to fulfilment.

Week 1 Life Audit

Week 2 Goal Setting

Week 3 Mindset 

Week 4 Eliminating Excuses

Week 5 Minimalism

Week 6 Gratitude

Week 7 Contribution

Week 8  Relationships

Week 9 Forgiveness

Week 10 Passion and Purpose


When you join the program you will receive weekly, 60 minutes live one on one coaching sessions, Facebook group access, coaching tools and email support.

Let’s walk this path together!

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Christmas Gift


Do you have someone you care about who would benefit from coaching? Buy them a session today and get 60% off their first coaching session. Limited spots available. Contact me for more information at

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Painting Brushes


Painting is a great tool for relaxation, and putting yourself more in the moment as well a great creative outlet. I offer individual or group virtual paint along sessions, where I will walk you through step by step in creating a masterpiece of your own. Contant me at for more info.

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